Give Admins the same editor Members use for blog posts

Provide a Modal Editor with true power

As I created this post I have an editor that allows me to upload images but the admin on any Social Engine Product does not enjoy the same ease of use. They need to go outside of the editor to upload an image and copy the url to paste in a low featured editor.

This is not asking for a new feature as much as using existing technology on the site in other places. The admin is the person who will be using the site most to customize their network. However, when it comes to the editor they are given a shovel while members get a backhoe. If you can give members a dump truck then at least provide an Admin with the same power, not more not less.

Not all potential members are coders and while a good job has been done to make the interface non-coder friendly. A wysiswyg editor is a staple of user friendly success that has been used by Wordpress to great effect. The admin is no less important a user than a regular member and in fact may actually be the critical person to focus on for user adoption because if it doesn't work for them there will be no opportunity for members to use social engine because they may go looking elsewhere for something as simple wysiswyg editor to help manage their network.

I myself use an outside editor for the "HTML block" which is more powerful than "rich text editor". The admin rich text editor doesn't even have image upload so it's power is severely limited if people want to upload pictures from their desktop and onto their network. Using images from outside sources while quick and easy may lead to content with dead image links if those images are ever removed. 
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    Dave Thank you Garfield for mentioning "not all members are coders". I have tried to make mention of that for some time now. Although not absolutely specific to your situation, thanks for bringing it up. Is the editor you use compatible with SE? And can it be integrated easily? Cheers.
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      Garfield Hi Dave, this post is over year old. Thanks for your thanks. The solution I spoke of is not even one I would use anymore. This 'issue' is still on the roadmap for Social Engine. However, in the mean time when getting frustrated with this I contacted a developer on Fiverr and he created a solution that met all the criteria for a better alternative. Social Engine even promoted it on their blog or facebook so I would recommend that. It's called the Advance Rich Content Plugin
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    Francisco Ramirez It's a great idea.