Why SE Cloud never update before making change
Just want to know why cloud subscribers never get a update when new release get published automatically?

Why its so important -
Today when we opened our website www.AquariumWall.com "Hall Of Fame"
module is showing all the members instead of showing top contributor.
No one touched or changed anything on our side. I am not even sure when it was changed by SE as I just noticed it.

Seriously this is not only annoying but doesn't reflect good on any companies image.

Hope this simple thing can be taken care...

Cheers, Jag
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    Kimmie I agree. It would be a good way for us to Blog about the changes and updates too.
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    JAG Thanks for fixing it quickly Matthew.
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    Trieu Thanh Tuan I mentioned this point many times. A simple post by SE officer on the community is a good way to inform creators about any changes in their network.
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    Rick Von Ruden I agree, SE Cloud subscribers should be notified of ALL changes. How hard is it to post a blog post or send an email?
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    Maxwell Gover Would be nice to get updates of changes. Sometimes feel like they spend more time updating their site then anything else.