This is a fabulous template! (
I saw template at ridiculous prices, but who buys them????????
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    Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen where are they selling this? I have been looking for it, so I could make a copy of it for sec
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    sunny this is facebook theme designed by some third party group to show how much more the facebook can offer to the members. This theme is kind of hybrid between pinterest/facebook?
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    info All the details here:
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    gianfranco d'agostino beautiful themes but I think I need time to work on the site.
    But I prefer a very social coming soon to open my social with social cloud engine.

    you still have a lot of development to do before you make stable and working version SE5!

    please socialengine team, create a beautiful cooming soon.

    not all those who open with social SE5 want or have the skills to do quality feedback.

    I prefer to invite to join and in the meantime I can work inside with some developers to make more beautiful in my opinion the site.
    so logical sense for me to invest x money per month to accumulate subscribers.
    please do something good with logic and viral
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    2 social inviter
    3 social sharing
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    Drew Frey It looks like they're playing off of the new MySpace & Windows8 platform a little bit too. Anyone else see that?