Very Very Early version of Stumbleupon theme
Here is the first screen. Boarders are wrong. Just wanted to show you guys this already ;) Will keep you posted
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    Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen Done some small changes. you can take a look here:

    I will work more tomorrow, I will also try to finish up youtube and fbstories
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    Alex Benzer Wow, looks really nice!
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    seTweaks So you just copied their whole code into your page? even their tracking scripts.
    I'm not sure why would you want your website to be a knock off. could you explain that?
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      Arnfinn Ingebrigtsen There arent to many themes for this platform and there arent to many theme developers.
      It is not going to exactly like them, but the look and feel will be good.
      Even if I copied the code of them, I need to integrate it to fit SEC, that is much much work.
      If ppl wants copies of other sites, why not produce them? It is all about what users want, what they ask for. Most would like to have something that end users know, like facebook,twitter,google+and so on. So it is more a demand thing.

      I am also working on some other ideas. From scratch. But those take much longer time and will not announce anything until I have a demo working.