SE 3.0 files still Pulling up on SE4 - How to Delete SE3?
When I upgraded from SE3 to SE4 my old files from social engine 3 were
not deleted and still load.  It's like a ghost town and shows double my
content. Can anyone help me identify which files are from se3? So I can
delete them and just have SE3 running. Here is an example of a profile that pulls up on SE3 and the same profile on SE4 

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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [175338,MMAMELEE], This is not a known issue in our software or the importer that is used to migrate content from v3 to v4. Looking at your website and these links, it seems that both the instances v3 and v4 are existing at your end because of which this issue is coming. To enable our team look deeper into this problem on your installation, I'll suggest you opening a support ticket along with the details of your website. Thanks.
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      MMAMELEE ok please help...thank you. I would assume it's as easy as identifying the old se3 files in my home directory and deleting them correct?
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        SocialEngine PHP MGR To be able to look deeper into this problem at your end, we suggest you contacting our support team along weith your site's FTP details so that they can suggest you the right direction after analyzing the problem at your end. Thanks.