YouNetco Fake Modules/ Modules With Bugs/ Incomplete Modules
I am trying to find someone experienced in bug fixing or atleast make the following modules usable.
I purchased 10 modules from YouNetco and out of which 8 have bugs and are not usable. All the following modules generate plenty of errors and increases the size of error log which makes me delete the log file manually every day to prevent crashing of my server. Half of the features as promised while selling the modules do not work. They do not respond to tickets in time.

They reply with automated text to 1 ticket once in 4 to 6 days. Over a dozen tickets are stinking with no response. I have already bought their modules and they neither refund nor reply to tickets.

Members who have knowledge in bug fixing of the following modules to make it usable, please write me here.

Job Posting
Business Directory - Online Business Listing System
Advanced Search Plugin Like Facebook Search
Advanced Group
Ultimate News
Advanced Member
Advanced Video

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    Yash Suneja Hi Gerry!!!
    Its the same issue with the plugins we bought from YouNetCo.

    especially YouTube Channel and Advanced video

    The YouTuba Channel Plugin doesnt save the channel giving PDO errors and Advanced Video doesnt save the Video stating file not found after uploading and YouNetCo doesnt listens and responds to tickets.

    I think socialengine should ban YouNetco
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    gs Hello Gerry,

    If you're open to "outside the box" solutions, and are still in development (i.e. no live data to convert), you may want to consider replacing Plugins. I only suggest this because (my quess) is that it will be much less expensive (in the short term and long term) to switch to something that works rather than fix (and keep fixing) bad Plugins. SEAO offers Directory/Business (with many useful extensions, depending on your needs), Advanced Search, (advanced) Groups/Communities, Advanced Member, and Advanced Video plugins (you may have to compare SEAO's to younetco's for your specific needs. SEAO's Multiple Listings Type Plugin (MLTP) might work for Job Posting and Resume (again, depending on your requirements), and the good news is that the MLTP may be used for as many Listing type purposes as you can dream up. As far as Ultimate News goes, I don't have a suggestion.
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      Gerry I already have purchased their plugins as well. They have wrong pattern of modules. They have 1 module inter linked to several other modules. The 1 module has plenty of files that trigger requests to the server trying to find if other functions from the other modules exist or not before executing the request. This is blowing up the hosting.
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        gs Sorry to hear that it's blowing up your hosting. I have found they are very heavy mods, but on my new host they function admirably. Too bad they won't work for you. Sorry for wasting your time on a useless post. Hope someone hops in here and helps.
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          Gerry The problem starts when you have more than 1000 items posted
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            gs Thanks for the warning - I guess I'll have to scrap everything and move to another platform as I require the SEAO Plugins (SE out of the box provides very little functionality for an online community). Oh well.
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