Better Invites for Facebook and Twitter
Social Engine Cloud need to improve this. Right now the app is really cool. But it would be better if the invite system will be improved.

Upon signup give the mission so the new user can invite others for more virality.

Just be able to invite one at a time it's really slow and no one will ever take the work to invite 5 people that way. Other apps can do it so you can choice multiple friends at a time. Is this possible?

It's just a default tweet "I just joined the @JefeFinal community - check it out!" not really helpful and you can't edit it. An option to edit this in the Twitter tab of the admin panel would be good.
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    Josue Gio +1
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    sunny [5262,Carlos Oporto] you are right. This needs to be improved. Also, after member completes sign up he should have few actions to complete like pop up showing members to follow or popup showing popular topics to follow. This helps them to feel connected with the community otherwise a simple sign up doesn't help us as they simple bounce from the site. I hope SE team will be more active and make the cloud platform more stable and add basic social features.
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      Kimmie Hopefully this is at the top of their to-do-list. One invite at a time is horrible. [52,Jung Kim]
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        s.ziyad [1007,Kim] remember from last time i saw your site smashing/ can we have another peak?
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          Kimmie It should be showing within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for asking [218,s.ziyad] . Check out our Promo: