August 2015 Release Notes
August 27th
  • Fixed latest versions of FB apps breaking signups, updated Facebook API to v2.4

August 21st
  • Fixed an issue which in certain case would disconnect you from LinkedIn

August 14th
  • Fixed an issue with RSS feed imports not running.

August 11th

  • New: comment editing is now possible. 
  • New: comment attachments are now possible. You can read about both features on our blog post
  • Posts imported by RSS now get properly get indexed by our search engine. We've also done some work to clean up backend processes to stem these sort of actions in the future.
  • Made some internal theme-specific bug fixes. You can now once again change categories.
  • Fixed the process responsible for removing deleted files from S3
  • Fixed a rare instance of being able to demote, and then delete an owner.