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I´m trying to post videos in my community, but it´s not being processed. It keeps in queue "Processing", but videos are not published...
Does anyone knows how to fix it and what is the problem?

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    Rick Von Ruden If I remember correctly, SE php doesn't process videos unless your site is on production mode. Is your site in production mode or development mode?
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    Daniel It´s not a ffmpeg problem, cause my host server team, made lot of tests and it´s working. The problem is that videos stays in job queue and after some time it gets failed status!

    Don´t know what else to do...
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Daniel, that's what Compiled FFMPEG does with the uploaded videos most of the times. Binary compiled version of FFMPEG that you would have got set-up at your server would be correct and having no issues but still, it doesn't work well with Videos conversion sometimes.

      Many of our clients who were having similar issue got this resolved by getting a static version of FFMPEG ser-up on their server. I would suggest doing that and hope that helps!
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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi Daniel,

    Here are a few possibilities that could cause this issue and you may try trouble-shooting accordingly:

    1) Static FFMPEG installation: FFMPEG can be installed in two ways, using ‘Static’ build and ‘Binary’ build. Installation of FFMPEG using Static build doesn’t affect any of the server configurations but Binary build of FFMPEG may affect your server configuration settings and thus can affect your sites’ stability. Therefore, it’s suggested to install Static build of FFMPEG by following the instructions provided in video tutorial here: If you're unable to do this, you may try contacting your hosting company.

    2) Job Queue: Job queue plays important role in the processing of videos. To check whether Task Scheduler is running frequently enough to run Job Queue well, go to “Admin” > “Settings” > “Task Scheduler” section and check when the last time "Job Queue" was successfully run. If Job Queue is not running on site from a long time, try changing the “Trigger Method” to “Socket”/ “Java Script” or “Cron” from “Admin” > “Settings” > “Task Scheduler” > “Task Scheduler Settings” section ( For “Cron”, your Server Provider will need to set it up on your server).

    Hope that helps! Thanks.
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    seTweaks Without checking the issue I can't tell what's wrong but FFMPEG on your server may be the issue. Try reinstalling it :

    Also check the error log in SE admin panel. you may find some clues in there.