Is it possible to view content of file post type (.pdf) before downloading?
SE cloud now has many features that I want. Thanks SE team for that.
Another important feature that I want (as many creators) is to see the content of file post before users downloading it.

SE team, you guys have any plan to add this feature in the future?


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    Jung Kim Right now you can enable the "file" type in the admin panel -> posts. Then, people can upload PDF files.
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      Trieu Thanh Tuan Thanks for reply Jung. I have already added this feature in my site. I mean that when user add a file type post, we can see the content of the file right on the website instead download it and see it on the computer. I hope you can consider to add this feature. Thanks so much.
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        Jung Kim I'll add this to our feature request but to be honest this one is a bit difficult. Since we will need to convert PDF files on the fly into images and that might be difficult to scale.
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    Trieu Thanh Tuan @Drew Frey [52,Jung Kim] please consider to add the feature in SE cloud!