Networks in SE PHP
Evaluating SE (Cloud or PHP) to determine if following is possible:

1. Ideally would like to build one site (say
2. Setup up separate communities (community1, community2). Each community will operate completely independently - unique members, private invite only membership, and ideally would like have its each sub-domain (say
3. Common theme across the communities (look and feel, functionality) except members would ideally view/interact/discuss within their own community only). Basically each community acts its own website (Blog, Forum, RSS feeds, etc). However I would like to operationalize the business model as one overall website if possible.

Can I use the network feature in SE PHP to accomplish this? So network acts as the master hierarchy and everything else follows from there.

If this is not possible, I guess I would need to run each community as a separate website each with its own SE PHP license / deployment?

The latter option will add up significant costs for licensing and hosting and hence wondering if the network feature in SE PHP would be a good fit for this business model.

Any guidance/advise on how to proceed would be appreciated.
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    Matt Macias It seems that your best bet is to go with a new license for each community. The networks feature doesn't separate everything completely outside of the main feed, and you wouldn't be able to use a custom domain for each community. You'll have to spend money on each license which could get costly depending on how many communities you plan to create. You could use our free 30 day trial to test out Networks if you want. Best of luck!