RSS Categories?
Has anybody been able to organize their RSS Feeds into the categories?  I can't seem to find the option, but in the May release the feature seems to be already there.

May 28th
  • Reworked RSS Feeds:
    • Added Category feeds
    • Added RSS Feed auto-discovery (helpful as more sophisticated readers can now discover feeds from your community)
    • RSS now passes's validator
    • RSS feeds are available in atom format (change .rss to .atom)

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    pochat Anybody knows how to do this? help would be greatly appreciated.
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      Stepan Mazurov Hey, sorry it might've been unclear - we've added rss feeds for SECloud categories, so that each category you have is available in RSS format, we didn't add anything related to letting you add an external rss feed into a specific category.
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        pochat Thanks for the reply, are you working in this by any chance? organizing feeds seems to me a basic feature to have. Thanks Stephan,