My Experience With SE Cloud So Far - What Ideas Do You Have?
I've been keeping an eye on the development of SE Cloud for some time now and I felt it was time to try it our for myself seeing that the latest version was pretty stable.

As a user, I have found a few things that would make life much easier for the end user.

For example, when adding a link you may find that the system picks up way too many thumbnails (sometimes well over 150 depending on source) and looking for the right photo can be time consuming and pretty annoying, I would suggest having the option to allow you to paste the image url making things easier for the user.

There is also no option to edit posts frontend, I have found myself sometimes making mistakes and the only way to change things is by deleting the post and starting again. Users should have the option to be able to edit their posts and image URLS should they need to.

Search results should also have the option to be listed in either ascending or descending order. Currently search results are in descending order.

Do you have any ideas yourself?
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    s.ziyad Some sort of language Editor for us to edit presentations of content and so Everything to categories
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    awwal gud ideas