Quick question about media files in SE Cloud themes
When developing a cloud theme, how can I reference to a media file in the theme package ?

For example I have a CSS file in the package and I want to link it in the header template. What would be URL to this CSS file ?
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    Stepan Mazurov you can use {{ THEME_URL }}/theme.css (remove spaces) to get at a media file which is added to a template.
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      seTweaks Great. I couldn't find this in the documentation. How can I use this in CSS files ?
      Is there a variable such as IS_USER_ADMIN ?
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        Stepan Mazurov No, there is no such variable. Best option is to use javascript and check for Revolution.Viewer.role which would be set to admin for admin users.

        As long as you use relative urls in css, it should resolve fine (if you have logo.jpg, just put url('logo.jpg') in css).
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