Image quality issue in feed
Here's an example of the image quality issue in mobile devices.

An item in posts list page :

Same item in single post view page :

Notice the image quality diferences? I understand that images should be lighweight in the list but maybe a better image quality and lazy loading images will be a better solution.

Maybe the thumbnail creator script in SE platform is being too aggressive in quality adjustments and compression.
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    Stepan Mazurov Yup, we know about it. The issue is pretty deep seeded and hard to catch all cases of, it is something we have plans to fix entirely. The screenshot is also 2x of what the user sees, so the issue is amplified.
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      seTweaks Yes, it's amplified but it's very noticeable as I took it in my phone and I don't even own a Retina display device ( That would make it more noticeable ). Good thing you know about it.
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