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Hi all, I am looking for a better back-end site stat report. Something that shows how many users, males, females, different age group and how many different religious denominations are on the site as my site is religious site.

Is this something that can be developed by SE developer? If so I am willing to pay for this as it's critical for my site.
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    seTweaks I would like to see your wireframes. Please send them to us when they're ready and we may be able to help you with it.
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    Eugene This can be developed, but the huge difference will be in details. What exactly you need to track and how you want this to be output.

    My advice - make some wireframes (without any styling) with examples how you want it too look. And provide more details about how exactly you are going to use those stats.
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      steppas Thanks Eugine I will get on wireframe asap