Enhancements in Home Page Background Videos & Photos Plugin (socialengineaddons.com)
The web is now dominated by visuals, and 95% of researchers say that visuals are more effective than text-only content. This is what our product: "Home Page Background Videos & Photos Plugin" is all about. So, let's go visual and grow high.

There are various ways in which this plugin can be used on your online communities:
- Showcase the idea behind your website using a video or a series of videos.
- Advertise using videos and photos
- Display announcements using videos
- Promote visuals of existing content of your community
- Showcase your website's tour, available features, and more

We’ve recently released a few enhancements in this 'Home Page Background Videos & Photos Plugin' that contain new features as well as enhance user experience. To know more please visit our blog-post: https://www.socialengineaddons.com/content/enhancements-home-page-background-videos-photos-plugin-december-2015

Demos of Multiple Landing Pages that can be set-up using this plugin:
- "Home Page Background Video & Photos - With Sign Up / Sign In Form and Start Viewing"
- "Home Page Background Video & Photos - Landing Page"
- "Home Page Background Video - Full Height and Width"
- "Home Page Background Video & Photos - Without Header"