SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10 is Released! (
We’re glad to announce that SocialEngine PHP 4.8.10 is released. This update comes with total 15 fixes out of which 10 were reported by our awesome community. It comes with an upgraded and better version of flowplayer and also fixes an issue that happened because of some recent changes done by Facebook in their API. Click here to read more about the fixes included in this release.
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    seTweaks Thanks! These small patch releases are good to keep the community engaged.
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    Eric Hays Is anybody having issues with Facebook integration? Fresh site install and we are upgraded to 4.8.10?
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      SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi Eric, We've tested this feature on our staging server and there should be no issues appearing in latest version of SE PHP regarding facebook integration. If you're still facing any issues on your specific installation, then that might be related to specific server configuration or in app configuration settings. Please make sure that your app is enabled and properly configures. You can also send an email along with your website details at so that our support team can assist you with this. Thanks!
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    SocialEngineAddOns Congratulations SocialEngine team for this release. Good to know about the various fixes done in 4.8.10. This upgrade is a step forward in making SocialEngine PHP more robust & secure. All our plugins are now compatible with the latest SE PHP 4.8.10, details of which can be checked here: