Header/Footer flexibility/options
Item#1  It would be useful to allow the global header/footer independently of each other.  There are pages where I wish I could have one with out the other.  Right now (as you know) either they're both enabled or both disabled.

Item#2  It would be useful to have separate header/footer for Landing Page vs. inside pages, and/or logged-in user vs. non-logged-in user.
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    gs Although it seems Item#1 is more likely to be an option/feature in SE Core, my hope is that the dev of my theme can provide Item#2, so that I may place the theme's footer wherever I wish (especially on the LP and some custom widgetized pages). The primary issue is that my Header loads things I don't want (from various developers) and also slows down the loading of my site (almost doubles from 4-5 seconds to 10ish). Paying (again) for something that should be common-sense/built-in continues to be frustrating. But then again - it wasn't until minivans added the 2nd sliding side door that people thought "duh - why didn't someone think of that before".
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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs], thanks for reaching out and providing your suggestions.

    We're not sure if it would be possible to implement suggestion #2 looking at current layout architecture of SocialEngine PHP but yes, we'll forward your suggestion #1 to our team and discuss internal about the possibility of it's implement in coming upgrades.

    Thanks again.