SE Cloud Maverick Homepage (coming this fall)

SE Cloud Maverick HomePage

I tried several times to find a way to create a great homepage without the inconvenience to create a new template or to use invitation mode.

"At the end I found it with only few CSS & Jquery changes" 


- Full Screen Size
- Sign In or Create Account (instead Invitation)
- Search
- Use your current homepage
- Few CSS & Jquery
- Available for Board Theme

Let me know if you're interested!
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    Robin Dear followers,
    If you use Board Theme you can try to add this jquery in the header to get a similar aspect.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
    if ($(".profile-link").length != 0) {
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("height", "40px");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("position", "fixed");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("background-color", "#F8F8F8");
    else {
    $("html, body").css("height", "100%");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("height", "100%");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("position", "relative");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper").css("background", "url('') no-repeat fixed center center / cover rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .left").css("display", "none");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("position", "fixed");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("left", "40%");
    $("#page-hot #header_wrapper .right").css("top", "50%");
    $("#page-hot #content_wrapper ").css("display", "none");
    $("#page-hot #footer_wrapper").css("display", "none");

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      Yerdos Robin, Thank you very much for the Homepage.
      There is another issue how to do so to display links (about, Terms & Use etc) against the background.
      Like on Pinterest
      Thank you very much again
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        Robin It's not an easy task but you can add any new DIV in HOT page and Show and Hide with the Jquery done.
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      Robin The idea is to use the header 100% full screen and to disable the other sections.
      This will work with the HOT page if you have a different one you can change page-hot in the code with your own.
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    Nainou I m interested can we have this
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      Robin Now you can try!
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        Nainou but I have clean theme
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          Robin Have you tried? It should work with few CSS changes only
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      Robin Hello, Nainou do you still interested, because you're the only one?
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    Kimmie Like it.
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    Nainou like always you bring us good suprise Robin. We are waiting.

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    Yerdos Please tell us when it will be ready :) cant wait
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    sanaa thats amazing ,keep up the good work dear