Licensing and license checks
(if this is already out there, please let me know where - thank you)

Months ago I sent a list of useful (well, to me) information that should be considered to be included in the Marketplace for each Developer and each Plugin.  I wish they would post a survey here to ask because I'm sure there are many great ideas out there that I didn't mention.

One new item that has come to my attention is the way Devs license their products with regards to:
- domains & sub-domains (and folders below them)
- License verification at time of Plugin install and/or verification during page loads

The above may also have to become some type of integration with SE Core itself to balance legitamte Admin's needs (flexibility and not constantly wasting time checking licenses during page loads and preventing plugin features if something is amiss) and the Dev's needs (preventing pirated software). 

My thinking is that if SE Core included some of the license functionality/flexibility then the 3rd-party devs could tie into that rather than they way some of them do this now. There is a lot of vagueness and inaccurate information provided by some Devs (such as 'we only check upon installation' which is later found to be false; 'folders are included' but they aren't; one or two domains (with specfic limitations on which is allowed to be dev or prod), etc.

The point is, I'm hoping that the new Marketplace and future updates to SE provide what both Devs and Admins require.  Sometimes I feel like I'm working with 1990 software tools and am getting very tired of it.  Heck - I can't even type this post without numerous interruptions while physically typing.

Also, I'm hoping that SE does something about growing the community here and creating more interractions between Admins.  It's embarrasing to be part of a community where someone makes a post and theres 0 or 1 response.  Heck, 30 years ago most BBS had more interractions. 

Sorry for the rant, but after a year of this (plus almost 2 years of checking out everything I could SE related prior to that) I see very little change and am wondering where/what the future is here.  Don't get me wrong - I'm obviously not switching to something else, but that shouldn't create what seems to be complacency throughout many areas of SE.
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    Dave I am in complete agreement with Eugene. On many occassions I have visited this forum for answers to a problem or to see if anyone else is experiencing difficulty. There really doesn't seem to be very many "users" here. I'm finding that answers to questions are being answered primarily by developers or coders who understand the language used in any particular solution. In other words, I am neither a developer or a coder and therefore find myself by myself when it comes to simple solutions. I'm wondering where all the users are that have purchased SE and probably many plugins? Is it possible they have formed their own group somewhere? Like gs mentioned, navigating the world of SE has taken me more than a year to configure by myself. Perhaps there should be a discussion about forming a SE user group? What would it take and who would use it is the question. Thanks for listening!
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    Stepan Mazurov We have a ticket tracking this on our public bug tracker:

    Additional discussion is welcome. Trouble is, its hard to balance license requirements (such as domain, environments, hosts) while also keeping an unrestricted code base. Any licensing scheme needs to be run in plain PHP (no closed source), be effective, and not get in the way, and I cannot find any examples of such systems in place. They typically sacrifice one or 2 of the requirements in order to meet the other.
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      gs is this also related to Github Issue #151?
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      gs Thank you Stepan for the reply.

      I understand your points, but there must be a way because too many devs constantly check licensing while the running the Plugins (even though I have asked this question directly to many devs and they assured me they only check upon installing the Plugin, but when running you can monitor the activity and offent errors present themselves and the answer from the devs are 'it's a licensing key thing - regenerate your license' - why regenerate if nothing is checked while running the Plugin?).

      I'm hoping SE can come up with a way because I'm tired of paying the price (resources, errors, etc) for those that choose to pirate SE Plugins. It would be great if there was a way that SE Core would periodically contact something at SE's Servers to validate the purchased/licensed Plugins (if they were somehow tracked via SE of course). Heck - I'd much rather my server contact SE 1x/day to verifiy all of my licenses/domains/etc. and flag any possible issues. Yes, this requires SE to police licensing somewhat, but in many ways it can just notify related parties and let them handle it. Some 'violations' may be all right, but some may not be. The point is to let 'everyone' know (whoever 'everyone' is) and allow SE or Devs to intervene if necessary. If an Admin knows his/her site has created many violations and is being tracked, they might consider shutting the site down or better yet - actually purchasing the Plugins. SE isn't the first software to have this issue, although open-source PHP adds an interesting quirk to the solution. I just feel this is too crucial of an issue (hassles to legitimately licenses Admins, lost funds to Devs, crooks getting away with using illegal software) to not find a solid solution to address it.

      While I'm on that - why is it that no one shuts down the piracy sites or locates the offending parties?
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        gs (you may skip my post - much of it has already been posted by other Admins on the link on GitHub)
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    Eugene > It's embarrasing to be part of a community where someone makes a post and theres 0 or 1 response.

    Agreed. I remember there was a really active developers community few years ago. It might be a good idea for SE team to show how active SE-based community could look like. It requires an attention of a real community manager and not SMM person posting social media related stuff (ex.
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      gs I would think that SE would be embarrassed to be selling Community Software and not have a thriving community here themselves - possibly showcasing their own product. When I looked at the 'other guys' product 2 years ago, I had the impression there were hundreds or thousands of users. Here, based on this 'forum', I get the impression there are a few dozen users (which is obviously incorrect). Sign. I feel alone navigating the world of SE. It's quite sad really to have something so good (SE) but no community to speak of behind it.
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    gs BTW - by folders below domain/sub-domain, I'm referring to things like Development (Dev), Testing (Tst), Staging (Stg), Production (Prd) or whatever would be useful to a particular Admin. In addition, multiple versions of course (Ver.01-01 Dev, Ver.01-01 Tst, etc). Some devs allow any folder, others don't (i.e. which forces multiple purchases because a legitimate Admin thinks beyond a simple one of each Dev/Prod environment.