Length of Comments (amount of characters)
Is there somewhere I can set the amount of characters which can be added into a comment? My comments box isn't long enough for people to add comments.  When you click on more it cuts off the text.  
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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Ali Meehan, I have replied to your same query in your support ticket, but would like to post the same reply here also, so that it can be beneficial for others as well who are experiencing the same issue. The maximum length allowed of comments can be set by editing the value of the variable $_maxLength in the file /application/libraries/Engine/View/Helper/ViewMore.php. By default this value is set to 1027 and allows a maximum length of comment to be 1027 characters. So, to edit this length, you need to follow below points:

    Search for the below code in the said file and edit the value of `$_maxLength`:
    class Engine_View_Helper_ViewMore extends Zend_View_Helper_HtmlElement
    protected $_moreLength = 255; // Note: truncation at 255 + 4 = 259 (for " ...")
    protected $_lessLength = 511;
    protected $_maxLength = 1027;
    protected $_fudgesicles = 10;
    protected $_maxLineBreaks = 4; // Truncate early if more than this nl
    protected $_tag = 'span';

    Hope that helps, Thanks!
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