Different levels of 'Admin' to access portions of Admin Panel & Plugins
After a year of testing (yes, still working on setting up the site) it just hit me - it seems there's no ability to allow different levels of Admins to use Admin Panel.

Would this be an SE Feature Request or rely on Developers or both?

For example, it would be great if Plugin access could be limited by Plugin (probably an SE issue due to (UGH - I CAN'T EVEN TYPE 1 ENTIRE POST WITHOUT TYPING PROBLEMS ON THIS FORUM - MY GOSH - CAN SOMEONE FIX THIS?) the requirement prior to accessing a Plugin .  Another useful item (probably up to the Dev/Plugin and SE) would be access Tabs/settings within the plugin - there are often some settings that could be made by lower-level Admins since they are not primary configuration settings per se, but rather more User-type settings (enabling a Sponsored or Featured icon for example).

Any thoughts?  Thank you.
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    (deleted) On another side note, I tried this and it works but I did not find it practical. You can go into your database and get into the menus table and disable all the menus you do not want to show up in the AdminCP. I just went into the modules in the AdminCP and copied all the URLs and stuck them in text file so I could copy and pates it directly if I ever wanted to make any administrative changes to any SE or module core settings. Basically all that was left was the moderation tool items for each module or the items to add or change the public settings and features of a module. Since site moderators can basically moderate content live right on the site and I just really wanted customer support to access just account information which is why I talked about using a PHP generator.
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    (deleted) I ll tell you what I did.... I used a program called PHPMaker 2017. Basically you can have it connect to your database and it will read all your tables and select what tables you want and it will generate a nice custom interface for your SocialEngine database. It has different theme options and uses the bootstrap framework for design you can can customize it many different ways. It has its own login system so you can setup each user with access rights for different tables and options to just view a specific field or change/delete, etc. For mine I am working on having it directly change the SE users table so customer support people can view account info and make basic account changes. It works very well actually if you are like myself and have no programing knowledge at all. This program will generate all the very hard work and then I can research and used trial and error to get it how I want it. You can basically use it to generate a GUI admin panel for all tables in your SE database. So if you want a "Moderator Panel" for just moderators to have access to just user content then I am sure that could be done with this program. That is actually my next task with this program. I will make a little video tomorrow of what I am working with it and how it looks. Ill post a link to a youtube video tomorrow when I have it done and you can see for yourself of how it can work
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      gs Great idea Casey - I never thought of that. I have PHPRunner which may actually do the same (I bought it 4 years ago and never used it - now, thanks to you, I may have a use for it).

      But I believe I'll still need something from SE & 3rd-Party devs because many of the Plugins I have contain logic for fields in Admin Panel (not just choices - but choices based on other fields, and even other fields from other related Plugins) so this might require a lot of trial and error to reverse-engineer much of the Admin Panel settings for Plugins. In addition, I'd have to figure out what the valid options are, and what is actually stored in the tables (i.e.Yes/No may be stored in many different ways).

      150+ Plugins will make this quite time consuming (i.e. hundreds of hours for me to figure out all settings and logic (esp when it's based on other Plugins/tables)). Thanks for the great idea though :) And thanks for taking the time to reply - greatly appreciated.
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        (deleted) Could you try to read the logic from your source php code from the admin panel php code and tpl files and use some trial and error to attempt to get it to work? The program I use is amazing at being able to set options based on a field or from even other tables or even another database separate from your SE or the SE database server.itself. And.... wow... 150+ plugins? From multiple developers??? How bloated is your system and how well does all of that work together? Even one developer can be a pain with errors and customizations let alone from multiple developers and trying to get it all to play nice together.
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          gs I will consider using PHPRunner (or PHPMaker if PHPRunner doesn't work well) only if/when I found out what SE's plans are. Your idea of reading the code to figure things out is what I would have to do - and will, only if I have to (very very time consuming - espeically since so many of my Plugins are inter-related so it's not as simple as reading 1 or 2 files for a Plugin, but then comparing those against 1 or 2 files for many other Plugins to dermine all of the logic. Like I mentioned - reverse engineering (I've done it several times for clients - but this time I'm not being paid to do it so I want to avoid if at all possible).

          150+ Plugins - yes, different devs (SES, Radcodes, Hire-Experts, Webhive, SEAO, SocialEngineExperts, SocialEngineMarket) - plus Plugin customizations by SES, SEAO, and SEM as well as major customization by SEM). Bloated - hard to say but probably (esp .css) - still in development so page loading is acceptable for 5-6 people (typically 4-5 seconds) from a 8GB SSD based VPS Plan (I started with a dedicated plan then bumped down during development to save $$). Tablet browsing seems to be faster page loads.

          How well does it all work? Well, great I think (again, with only a handful of testers). My hope is that this will scale in some reasonable proportion (Users to Server(s) and eventually a High Availability configuration (obviously once there are Users and enough revenue). I believe I've been very fortunate - I've used great devs (hence, very stable/compatible Plugins), asked many questions up front (to determine which devs/Plugins to use and not to use), spent about a year reading (almost) very Plugin and Dev review on the SE site (to compile my list of Plugins and refine as needed), and after many purchased themes (6-8? I can't recall exactly) the SpectroMedia Theme by SES is sooooooo fantastic/flexible/compatible.

          So far it seems to play very nice(ly) together (most incompatibilities were resolved through the Theme and .css and SES has been GREAT with that - they even developed a custom header for me that is EXACTLY as I envisioned). Most Plugins and devs have been quick (a day, a few days) to turnaround/resolve issues (only 1 major Plugin dev has caused me major delays - often 4-8 months to resolve issues - with 1 issue taking over a year to resolve and I'm still not 100% sure it's fixed). I was hoping for 6 months in testing & resolving issues (plus 5-8 months of major custom dev - well, major to me - about 450 hours), and I'm at approx month 15 and aim to be done this month to wrap up and prepare for beta testing with dozens then hundreds of Users.

          Oh - and I get to do much of this all over again once 4.9 is released next month (since I am hoping PHP7 helps me out a lot on the performance side of things). So I'll be doing that on one server while the roll-out of the community is on another server. Fun Fun Fun :)

          Sounds like you have a really nice setup (info from another of your posts). I truly appreciate your input and wish you much success. Looking forward to learning more from your posts (and others here).
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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [185918,gs] , Thanks for your suggestion, we have added this at our end for internal team discussion regarding its implementation in our future releases.

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    gs Basically it seems like All or Nothing access to most of Admin Panel. I guess I just assumed this would exist as I'm accustomed to using elsewhere, but when I went to test it, I found it didn't exist :(