SE Cloud Review
I am very pleased with SE Cloud currently. The SE team has promptly fixed bugs and other items when I submitted support tickets. Is it 100% perfect yet? Nope, but it is 100% useable now. It can only get better from here IMO. This script has more features and better mobile than the other pinterest clones out there. I have not reviewed reddit clones but I am sure it beats them as well. I will be adding at least 3 new SE Cloud sites over the next couple of weeks and in my opinion I am glad they are hosting the script, as it is costly for hosts that run fast when running numerous sites. Not to mention script costs, the only good pinterest clone script out there costs about $1200 with less features then SE Cloud plus add a host and cloud fees to run it. As you can see the SE subscription fee is the best option. A big thanks to the SE Cloud development and support team! Keep up the great work!
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    Robin U're a crack [1134,Rick Von Ruden] , I've the same feeling.
    Even if I would prefer to merge both theme in one to keep in mind SE PHP and SE Cloud.
    Can you fall in love twice with SE?
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    Paul McGuane well said
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    Edwin Rivera We echo your comments @Rick Von Ruden. SE team is delivering stunning results to grow our business and their business. They are playing to win and we should continue supporting them by providing feed back and by transitioning to SE Cloud (impresive so far). And together we will deliver the best product in the market and we will beat the competition (if we have competition ;)).
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    Shaun Harding Thank you so much for your encouraging words! You totally just made my day :D
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    Drew Frey Thanks for the kind words [1134,Rick Von Ruden] !
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    Jung Kim Thanks [1134,Rick Von Ruden]! This means a lot to us. We will continue to work hard with you guys to make SE Cloud even more awesome. :)