Social engine supports a lot of languages but still i used to like the SE3 version where you can create a  language even when its not associated with a locale, and you can set it manually .
Its a potential big market for languages that even facebook and twitter dont support
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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Tafida , Language association with locale was done in SE version 4 & before that language was not associated with locale. After introduction of this feature, whenever a member select any language as Locale in his General Settings, so in case if the language pack of that particular language is also available and installed on the site, then that language would automatically becomes his default language for the site. So, associating language with locale should be considered as an improvement and this does not have any drawback. I hope you understand my point.

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      Mahammad Abbas Tafida yes, yes, i understand. Thanks for the reply. there are so many languages in this world you cant have it all,i am just saying dont limit yourself to a list if you can find away to do more,is that not why we are with socialengine to do it differently