Block certain domains in links
Sometimes I see spammers sharing links to malicious websites and I would like to know if is possible to block links to certains domains.


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    Eugene You need to block those spam accounts, not their posts. From my experience those are often automated bots and not real people. Which is good as bots are easier to trick.

    SE has some really simple trick for email on signup. But we have created a plugin Honeypot for this purpose(it was required fro custom projects to prevent spam). It has few different tricks to catch the bot on signup. And multiple hopeypot trap fields used randomly, so it's harder for the script to pass the signup.

    It works pretty good and we even had other SE developers purchasing this plugin for their clients and demo websites.
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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi [862,Leandro Rocha] , Currently you can block only censored words on your users' profiles and as well as on any plugins you have installed. You need to enter such words in the field "Censored Words" from "Admin" > "Settings" > "Spam and Banning Tools" section of your site. But it is not possible to block any links to certain domains and you would need to do code customization at your end to achieve this feature.

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      Eugene That approach won't work well. There will be still a lot of garbage on the wall. Also there will be multiple spam bot accounts. Those accounts will post in different section. From what I've seen they prefer blog section most of all.