Bye bye Social Engine
Ok, that's enough. I'm tired of waiting. I close my SE CLOUD now, and I'm going to transfer my SE PHP with another CSM. I waited for the script to transfer the users, but it never arrived and who knows when it arrives. I waited for the Italian language and also here, nothing at all. Greetings to all, but especially to [2440,Robin] and [1007,VoiceBee], to you I wish you good luck!
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    Kimmie @info. Thanks for the well wishes. I do hope you join us again and wish you the best of luck with whatever path you have chosen to take. Many Blessings to you ;-).
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    s.ziyad do come again when those features are here.
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    Robin I'm very sorry to hear that.
    You made a wonderful work with your two websites.
    Thank you and good luck [294,info]