The Translation system is completely uncomfortable (
1: The most of the time, we spend into the system, is on translations into our native speech.

And this is really handled crazy:

why is it not seperated into two divisions: Into Admin translations and into the translations for the users? We basically have to translate only the user-texts. Not more.

2: Also some
Words are not translateable. We look into the .csv but we cannot find how to translate some words.

3: Another, easy thing for SE: why not tabbing the Modules in the Layout-admin. When I have to change the layout, it is not easy to find the correct widget on the right side. Better to make it unfolding. And then the widget of the plugin showing up.

4: Mails translation: Isnt it possible, to make a special admintool, to oversee the translations of the Mails. A Unfoldoption is really missing.


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    Francisco Ramirez I have found that is better translate each csv file in the language you want to translate (spanish in my case). this way you can add the missing language with the format that comes by default translations. Then I try to explain what I have done to have a little more orderly translation. (This does not solve the problem separately to translate the texts of the administration panel but it helps to have better control compared with integrated translator.)

    -We must locate the directory where the main translation in English are stored. applications/language/en
    -We have to take into account that inside this folder is the whole translation of SocialEngine however there are many missing texts.
    -By using the integrated translation system in SocialEngine the system create a new directory with the abbreviation of our language. In my case, Spanish and inside applications/language/ directory "es" is created with custom.csv inside file, This file contains all the translations we added including customizing emails templates.
    -To have better control is the best thing you copy all * .csv files directory "en" directory "es" then edit each file *.csv in text editor i use Textmate for mac and translate line by line examlpe in core.csv "Home";"Home" edit to "Home";"Inicio"
    -In this way you can add custom lines by module corresponding to your *.csv file, I add my custom lines to end of each file for beter order.

    I hope I helped to give a translation option more.
    P.s. Sorry for my poor writing in English
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      Donna Thank you for this great tutorial for how to achieve the translations for what we have now. You did a great job telling how you get it done and it's pretty clear. Your English is fine. :)
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      Fendt Dear Francisco,

      thanks for the explanation. We do it sometimes like you do it. But some companies have so many lines, that it is confusing to find, what is for the user, and what for the admin.

      Meanwhile ous custom.csv does have now 19.000 lines - and in the case of our multi-listing from socialengineaddon, it copies all lines if we make a new listing. that means, we have some sentences 6x or 8x! and also some senntences and words from other plugins with the same name.
      our engine is called

      And we are afraid to make advertising for this, as it is not stable and we find again and again some untranslated words. Or we find sentences which do not fit, as the sam sentence was used in another plugin for another meaning........
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        Francisco Ramirez Ok I understand, I just wanted to give one more option to keep better organization of translations. But I understand that there are many improvements that the socialengine development team must implement soon as important as are the translations topic.
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    Donna Hi Josef, this is a great post to help us see some of the struggles our clients may be facing that we may not have seen. I'll discuss your concerns with our team and see what improvements we can make. If anyone has any specific suggestions as to some translation systems (I've seen some in other github feature requests for other scripts but forget where they were), feel free to suggest some. Translations for multi-national sites, multi-language sites and non-English sites are quite important, I agree.
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      Fendt Dear Donna,

      thanks for caring in this, because SE will sell the product to other countries, and we all go more international!

      First i suggest a separation from admin and user textlines. So it reduces for the most the translation effort.

      The other point is , what leandro rocha said before, the small words like "and" or "you". You find it thousand times in almost every sentence.

      One future point is (in Wordpress it is realized now) that in german you have a official-social "you" and a friendly "you". Socialengines normaly speak not as business and uses a friendly you. But this is also a matter.

      To change the translationsystem, will give the plug-in developers a hard time ;-)
      But when it is done, its better for all!
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        Donna I've added this additional feedback to a list I'm making. :) Thank you!
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    Sieg I understand your suffering. The SE translation system is the worst that I saw and is almost impossible to translate SE to your native language. Just a example: I found a word "and" in my website frontend and because of the way it appears seems that the term in the language translator is just "and".

    If I try to search by end I receive thousand of results and until where I know is not possible to make a exact match search with one word like other system allow. I think that this is one of those things that they will not improve for the version 4 of the script due the complexity of change this.
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      Fendt Yes, I guess so too.

      But there must be a solution in the translations, because, you cannot sell it to people which will make a engine for NON-english people - it makes you crazy! In Wordpress they changed it and it works better.