Notifications in SE Cloud
I believe it's a pretty old bug.

If I posted something in any topic here and receive a reply I get 2 notifications:
1. Somebody replied to your post
2. Somebody posted in topic X

And two emails as well. It's pretty easy to resolve (add a quick check and keep notification #1 only if there are two of them). As otherwise if you participate in discussions - you get too many duplicate notifications.

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    Stepan Mazurov I get the same thing, its a bit annoying for sure. I haven't had a chance to look at how exactly this is implemented, but the whole system is very hard to test, which is why I avoided looking more into it (in addition to it being fairly low priority).

    I wasn't aware that this was ever brought up before - we typically do try to fix small issues like this for long term (1 year) clients. This is the first time somebody else has mentioned it, and that its a problem for them.
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    Donna I get the same thing. I wasn't sure if it was a feature or bug as I'm new. Thank you for posting. I'll ask the team about this once I start my day. :)
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      Eugene I know the person who has prepaid a yearly Cloud subscription. He reported this at least 2 years ago if not earlier together with other small issues. But he has dropped his subscription as there was no feedback.

      Those aren't some unreasonable or rarely used requests (like support of animated gifs or similar). But essential UX things. They are really noticeable if developers actually use the platform on a daily basis (which is another point to be improved ;)
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        Donna We use SE cloud here. :) I plan on a community site with SE PHP as soon as I have time. I do prefer to use the script I am working for. It does help to have a client view by being one so I will purchase a script for the site my partner and I will make in the near future. :)

        As I mentioned though, I'll see what I can find out about the duplicate notifications issue. Your post and feedback are appreciated. Thanks for taking time to bring up this issue.
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          Eugene > We use SE cloud here. :)

          I know, though I would prefer to have SE PHP based community for SE PHP. It's UX requires some love as well.
          Day-to-day usage is the best way to get UX issues outlined and fixed.