How to disallow users to select some languages

I am facing some problems with my website language. Actually I am targeting only brazilian users since this is my country and I would like to establish my website firstly in my country before to move on. The problem is that how there is a English language (the default language from SE) sometimes english speaker signup in my website and I have to try to explain to then why there is a lot of content in portuguese but not in their language. I would like to know if there is an option to turn off a language for user selection? I can't just delete the English folder because I have some developers that work on my website and they only speak English. I am looking for something like an option to turn off the language selection for some user level.
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    (deleted) I was not sure if you had multiple language options you might want selected. But naturally just has Donna offered... just remove the language selector from the registration from in the same file listed below.
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    (deleted) I would say to set your primary language as the default and then see about editing a few files in


    If you only want to display set language options on the sign up form you can do the following

    Find the code:

    if (count($languageNameList) > 1) {
    $this->addElement('Select', 'language', array(
    'label' => 'Language',
    'multiOptions' => $languageNameList,
    'tabindex' => $tabIndex++,

    Change it to:

    if (count($languageNameList) > 1) {
    $this->addElement('Select', 'language', array(
    'label' => 'Language',
    'multiOptions' => array(
    'en' => 'English',
    'en_US' => 'US English',

    As you can see you can add a list of the language options you want able to be selected during the signup process. This will only change the signup form so your developers can go into their account settings and change their language to English. Or you can even remove the language selection options fully from the signup form and from the member account settings and then just manually change the developers account language in the database. But of course you cannot delete the English language files, this just removes the options for everyone to only select the options you want and hides the others from selection but still enables you to manually assign the languages in the database.

    Will this work?
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    Donna I don't see a way to disable language selection. Perhaps installing Bing Translate in the site would help with the English folks to be able to read the language on the site, as a temporary solution. I suppose you could hide the language selector from the template.