Admin Panel Drag and Drop on Android
I may be missing something, but I am unable to drag/drop (such as Layout Editor widgets) using an Android tablet.

Is there a way to do this or does SE simply not support this (i.e. like typical mobile apps do) - because it's not programmed into SE Admin Panel?

Has anyone tried to do this with an iPad? 

Although I have many Android devices I could use (which are all from 2012) and still (believe it or not) work well for many things, I thought I'd purchase a new tablet w/BT Kbd that I could dedicate to the new 'business' I'm setting up next year which is based on the SE site so I could have everything I need with me everywhere I go.  I could use a Windows-based tablet but there are only 2-3 apps I occasionally use there (other than SE) which I could easily VPN into if/when needed.  I could do this with SE too of course (if I used Android) but am trying to keep remote comm to a minimum.

So, is it simply that SE doesn't support drag/drop on mobile devices?  What do you use when on-the-go to manage SE?  BTW - if I remote connect to a Windows-based PC, will the drag/drop feature work (i.e. using Android to remote into the Windows-based PC)? 

Thanks for any help provided.

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    SocialEngine PHP MGR Hi @Gs, Unfortunately the feature i.e. to drag and drop widgets in the Layout Editor is not possible with mobile devices. So, any changes in the layout of the pages (changes that require drag and drop of widgets) can only be made in the desktop version of the site.

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      gs Problem solved, although not with what most people may consider a 'mobile device'. Picked up a used ($60) Windows based tablet (Thinkpad Tablet 2) and used my existing BT mouse and drag/drop works wonderfully (stylus drag/drops in other apps but not SE). Although the tablet isn't the greatest, it will only be used for this purpose so it's more than enough to function as a browser to work on SE Admin Panel. Maybe someone else will find this info useful.
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        Donna Great solution! Thank you for posting. :)
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      gs Well, I should've listened to you. I just got a BT keyboard and mouse for a Galaxy Tab S2 and they work great (except for the drag/drop in SE only). I can do everything else with the mouse that I need to to duplicate Windows functionality EXCEPT the drag/drop in SE. Ugh. I don't know why drag/drop works in other apps but not SE but oh well. At least the kbd and mouse come in handy for many other apps and functions. I guess I'll just have to VPN to the desktop whenever I need to drag/drop a widget.
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        Donna Perhaps add the request as an enhancement request at our Github issue tracker. .

        If you need it done sooner, you could check with theme developers for a customization,
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          gs RE: "If you need it done sooner, you could check with theme developers for a customization, "

          Can they customize the SE Layout Editor? It would be better to have this permanently fixed in SE (hence I may add on github) but for now I'd be happy for a dev to fix this.
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            Donna I don't know but it can't hurt to ask for a quote and see. There are some talented third party devs that can probably figure out a lot of ways around.
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