What is now required to be a 'Certified' Dev and what is the 'retesting' process for Plugins
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I've read that Devs will need to be Certified.  Also, that there's a 'retesting' process before Plugins will be posted in the Marketplace.

To those of us that aren't Devs - where can we Admins read these requirements and procedures? 

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    Eugene There is a yearly payment to be listed, plus I believe payment will go via the marketplace right now, but details aren't fully clear for me at this moment.

    We have not submitted any apps yet, as our account is still awaiting review (2 days already)

    I have serious concerns about app testing considering time required to approve 3rd party accounts. There are still minor issues with website itself. Testing 3rd party apps will be considerably more complex and time-consuming task. I hope SocialEngine team will be able improve the QA process. As developers it will be nice to have more details about review process itself and have some channel to reach out SocialEngine team faster.
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      Donna Sorry for the confusion, I had posted based on the information I had at the time. We are still in the process of approving developers. The testing right now is just making sure valid plugins are in the store correctly. Later on, we'll improve things with more features. Hope that helps explain things a bit.
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      SocialEngineSolutions We just can wait, as nothing is clear to developers too as what's going to be next.
      What will be the process of QA of apps is also not known.
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      gs Thanks for the reply Eugene. I was hoping there was much more required for Certfication than just a payment. This is why I asked what was required - to find out how much difference between Certified and non-Certified Devs.

      As far as App/Plugin testing, I wish SE would tap some of us Admins for this. I've been testing 100+ Plugins for over a year and can quickly share what works, what doesn't and how good/bad support has been (ex. one Dev with 400+ tickets - some taking many months to resolve, one taking over a year - so I don't know if SE when testing would experience every bug). I also don't know what SE's purpose of testing is (I know what mine is, but I don't know if SE's purpose is as extensive - and without a detailed list of procedures I obviously stll don't know).

      Hopefully SE will provide more info to address these questions and concerns.
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        Donna Thank you for your post. There will be improvements to the store in the future. Right now, we are just approving those with valid profiles and valid plugins. More will come. We appreciate your patience and feedback while we improve things.
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          gs I just read the 2016.11.28 blog. Two questions:

          ==> "Marketplace Reasoning When we purchased SocialEngine ..."
          Just curious - did the ownership change recently (due to the 'we' and since you and Raymond recently came on board I was just wondering - but it's none of my business actually :)

          ==> "Ratings & Reviews Customer must have purchased to be able to review"
          How will this be handled for all purchases directly from Devs, both prior to and once the new marketplace is running? I ask because if reviews are supposed to be transferred how will SE know who purchased the Plugin (ex. I have approx 150 Plugins - purchased between last week and approx 17 months ago - obviously all prior to the new marketplace)?
          Thank you.
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            SocialEngineSolutions @gs Review system is completely not know to developers also. But, it seems the current review system is good for us (developers) as our not recommended reviews would not be highlighted much and there is no proper criteria to see if some developer has negative review, just stars based on average reviews.
            Event negative review will increase our Count.
            But, as user perspectives, it could not be that good.
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            Donna No, Raymond and I are employees. We are not part of the ownership. As far as I know, you need to purchase from the store to leave a review right now. I don't know if that will be changed with other improvements later. Reviews from the old store are being imported for developers that were in the beta launch. That's all I know right now.
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          gs Thanks Donna for the reply. This is probably a semantics thing but words obviously carry meaning. 'Testing' to me is more than 'valid profile/plugin' - whatever 'valid' means. It would be helpful is SE could post what their processes/requirements are as well as meanings for terms that are used. My concern (fear?) is this could cause much misperception, especially since it's 'new' which often conveys that things have been 'redone' or are more thorough than before. If there's anything I can do to help, I'm happy to do so. Thanks for all your efforts.
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            Donna We are working on a blog. :)
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