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Each day I see more and more websites requesting to send notification through browser and now that even mobile browser support this type of technology I would like to ask if there is a plugin or developer working to allow social engine to send notification using this system?
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    SocialEngineSolutions Hello Leandro,

    Yes, this is a new technology. Our team is working on release a plugin for this feature very soon. We will update you when the plugin would be released.
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      Sieg So if you will release this plugin, please make a change in you core plugin because I gave up to use your plugins since it overwrite my members area and expose several information from my users like their emails. I already have a plugin for my members area so I dont need the feature from your core module.
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        SocialEngineSolutions Thanks Leandro for the suggestion.

        Regarding the plugin: There is an admin setting in the widget to hide member Emails. We request you to please contact our support (, so that they can resolve any of your issues and doubts in the plugin you have purchased.
        The plugin has admin setting for almost all the features.
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          Sieg The point is that I don't want the member area that is packaged with your core plugin. I brought the team showcase plugin, but I got disappointed when I figure out that your core plugin include also a member arena that I don't want to use and that there is no way to deactivate it. As I said I already have a plugin for my member area and I don't need a plugin that overwrite it.
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            SocialEngineSolutions Thanks for pointing out [862,Leandro Rocha]. We have made a new setting in our plugin to deactivate the same page from the plugin and you will be able to deactivate in the upgraded version which will be available by Tomorrow in your order.

            We will update you via email, when the latest version will be available for the download.
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