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Happy winter! We've released version 4.8.13 which fixes some issues we found while working on our v4.9.0 version. This version includes a greatly improved Ning importer script, bug fixes, and an important security fix. 

We encourage all of our clients to upgrade to version 4.8.13 in order to have the most current version for your community.

Thank you all for your support! Any questions? Feel free to ask here or in a ticket to our support desk.

For those celebrating holidays, Happy Holidays from the SocialEngine team!

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    SocialEngineSolutions Hello Donna,

    We are not able to download the plugins files and getting error:
    {"error":true,"message":"User does not have access to this resource","code":"forbidden","statusCode":403}
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      Donna One of our team members mentioned that if you have this issue, fully clear all browser cache and cookies as this is working for others with the issue.
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      Donna Thank you for your post. Does it work after you refresh the page?