PHP SE has been proved to be pretty much a bughell, would it be wise to go Cloud for long term?
Hello all,
I have been a PHP SE owner for many years now (since 2013) and the most basic functions have not yet been fixed and improved. See I am not a PHP savvy, if I was I would build my own engine, SE should be something for people who only have semi knowledge in such coding. But SE PHP has failed me numerous time, support and bug response is pretty much useless.
I have been considering to use Cloud instead. A way different concept ( I don't know why ) but less work, less headache. Since SE team never lived up to their promise to make SE PHP and SE Cloud compatible to be able to import content gtom PHP to Cloud or vica versa - although ironically they made that happen with Ning - I know that my 7000 members will be pretty much a loss I will have to somehow have them sign up to the new website, but I do want to know if it would be worth having Cloud SE over PHP or I should just move and use an entirely different engine.
Thank you!

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    Donna Hi [101979,AA] ,

    Thanks for your feedback. Would you please let us know which bugs in our issue tracker you are speaking of? Here's a link to our Github issue tracker, . If we know which bugs you are referring to, we can check the issues. If you've not submitted them, please submit one issue per report so that our team can look into fixing them.

    Regarding support, would you kindly send your complaint to the attention of Kyle so he can check on any issues you had with support? We do try very hard to ensure that clients are satisfied.

    Regarding the importer to and from SEPHP/SECloud - that is something on the list but we need to get our 4.9 version out first, which is coming in beta very soon. You might like the improvements in that version.

    Regarding moving. I have my own websites on another script. I hadn't upgraded those to that scripts v4 version as it's so bad, I won't make my members experience that sort of mess. As such, I looked at just about every sn out there. I've decided to migrate to SE as it's the only one I've found that will work for my sites, has the security I want, and doesn't have the issues I've seen on the other scripts I researched. Note that I don't frivolously move my sites around either (which is why I've not upgraded it though that script's v4 version has been out for a few years now).

    I hope this helps you decide what to do. If it were me in your shoes, I would wait and see what 4.9 comes with. There are a good amount of fixes in it from what I've seen in the fixed issues list.

    Thanks again for posting!