Community of great people and change for better in Social Engine
I truly am a firm believer who wants to help social engine be even greater than it is, its just there is some things that are truly way outdated that need its trousers pulled up and change
the more i use SE daily, because i use it daily, i use it such a unique way also.I just notice things, my fear is that if certain things are not updated, its only a matter of time before a new competitor comes along to rival SE.
Its just like when the movie industry wasn't fully ready to embrace change for motion pictures with sound, as they were stuck in the silent movies age...... then when studios didn't want to embrace Televisions when they came into peoples homes. the radio shows however embraced it and made shows.

Made studios lose millions as people were staying at home to watch tv rather than go cinema,Blockbuster video didn't want to embrace change of sending films via the post or even digital film renting...... what happened Netflix, and now a company who saw an opportunity that big company was not willing to address took over, not only took over but they fund their own productions.
Having worked in Music industry and motion pictures industry, ive witnessed how companies dont want to address certain changes, or listen to the people that use or support their products.

the evolution of Social Engine is with us the users who have paid or paying.
even small changes or additional content to improve can be great to us the
consumer as we feel our input is being taken making us feel like a family.
I have raised some bugs on github and enhancement suggestions. I just feel SE should seriously implement rather than "we will think about it", implement shows us, and gives us hope.

Im going to give a prime example..... Instagram
how has Instagram not been made into a specific profile question, i made a github post here
On how to make it! It takes like 5-10 mins and would look great to others to have this addition in an update, and its been asked to be implimented ages ago, i know people have asked in tickets, my friend asked way back in like 2013 odd about it
Instagram is massive, bigger than twitter! twitter is just a platform for companies to use as a complaints dept.
Yet AIM is there, pretty sure AIM changed there business model to become a service like whatsapp.
Serious guys ive gave a step by step on how to make the files, yet feel it will never be implemented, and thats very small scale but is a step in direction of change

Here is a github page where i told a user who raised it another time, as once i gave details how to make the files, they confirmed it works like a charm

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    PoeticJustice always love [231316,Donna] input purely as I feel she is here to help a better change
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      Donna Thank you! :) I don't use instagram but your tips will help those that do. It looks like a technician said we will discuss adding it. As you said, AIM is rather obsolete now. I don't know anyone that uses it anymore, however, I also don't use instagram either lol.
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        PoeticJustice Not everyone uses it but the same time users of sites do.

        The change of times, and now instagram is used as the way to self market yourself or brands.
        AIM pointless yes.

        problem is when specific questions like twitter are there, and adding a question using website questiong and naming it instagram..... i hate to say this but you got to think in the mindset of some users who can be incredibly.... not so clued up lol

        Q/ Twitter (in the field you write username)
        Q/ instagram (made using website question) [you have to write the whole weblink not username]

        so you get
        Twitter : ExampleName (once clicked takes to
        Instagram : (once clicked takes to )

        Now the reality that will happen is they will write the username for twitter, and because they did that for twitter, they will assume instagram is the same, making this scenario

        Twitter : ExampleName (once clicked takes to
        Instagram : ExampleName (Nothing exciting will happen as not linked to instagram )

        hence why my tutorial will help, this was just one example tho,
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          Donna Yes I understand how it can happen with users entering data. I've seen a lot of it myself. I've done some of it too lol.
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            PoeticJustice unfortunately people assume fields and dont read regardless of descriptions,

            another example i raised on github- is how there isnt an asterisk for required fields, I had users drop off because they simply didnt want to fill in certain questions which i made required,

            Now if you have alot of questions at the top is alot of boxes that bumps down the questions, to many boxes after hitting safe saying fill this section in, that section in.... how is someone to remember all these boxes, when they scroll down there is no fields highlighted, no asterisk so they know its a required field............... sooooo outdated and annoying as a user, as its not clearly marked............. really need to take into account the simplicity of people and this asteriks is a prime example of something in everyday use, but SE has a mega outdated way of doing it that doesnt help the user signing up

            If a user on sign up saw the asterisk, they'd know that they HAVE to fill in.

            Not wait to you hit save, then read loads of boxes saying fill my section in, my section in, my section in, to then forget which field it was because they are not hightlighted
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    Donna Thanks for taking the time to write this feedback. Things will improve here. It takes a little time though. We need to get our 4.9 version out before trying to add new things at this point though. :)
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      PoeticJustice Lets just hope the team fix them bugs i reported reported for 4.9, because not only is it affecting the site, its stopping the custom work i want done soon with @SocialEngineSolutions
      As i need them bugs fixed otherwise the custom work i want done will be untestable

      Just slip the team my instagram suggestion tho, i personally dont need it because i personally manually made myself, but it looks great to others, I just want to help people and see others helped. Its such a little thing, that believe me will go along way to others.......

      because believe me, if a brand new customer was to purchase Social Engine today, and discovered AIM and not instagram as a question, they will be shocked! It will look outdated on glance because Profile questions are the first thing you usually do once setting up.

      The first real feel you get of SE is from the profile questions set up, believe me on that
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