NULL entries in MySQL engine4_users_fields_search
Hi All

Ive noticed some more major bugsĀ 
read both these githubs i posted
but it will affect your community if these are not fixed, may as well kiss goodbye if not fixed and addressed

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    PoeticJustice Further update

    Here is a video
    or download video here

    I believe the issue i have detailed out here, was a bug raised back in April 2015 that was closed and not looked into

    SE for browse members is NOT searching the profile fields of each user, but creating a new database in engine4_user_fields_search, but based on the hide on browse members page / show on browse members page.

    THIS KILLS ALL SEARCH FEATURES IN BROWSE MEMBERS, as from the very start everything needs to be set to show on browse members page. If you so much as accidently hide, or hide from testing purposes, it deletes all records of that field, which then becomes unsearchable when you set back to SHow on browse members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    extract from

    Browse & Search
    SocialEngine allows members to easily navigate your site, discover new content, and find specific posts.
    Browse members
    Members (and optionally visitors) can browse through your entire member list. Results can be filtered by profile information, like location, age, gender, height, occupation, etc. You can also choose to show only members that have a photo and members that are currently online.
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      Donna I've posted in your Github issues as I'm not sure if these go with your first report or are separate issues. They are so similar, and for the same area, that they could all be connected.
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    PoeticJustice to sum this bug up or even major flaw up, here goes

    After more testing I can confirm this, to replicate do this

    Use Gender profile question set to (Hide on browse members)
    Sign up and select a Gender - for this example signup as Male
    Now log in as Admin and click Edit Gender question (Set to show on browse members)
    Now goto browse members
    Search Male

    it will return with NO members found.

    another test could be this

    Gender profile question originally set to (show on browse members)
    Sign up and select a Gender - for this example signup as Male
    Search browse members, goto Gender and select Male
    All Male users will show up
    Goto profile questions as admin
    set Gender to (Hide on browse members)
    then edit it again so Gender is (Show on browse members)
    Goto browse members, select gender, set to Male............... No Males will ever be suggested, every Male who had been signed up, is totally unsearchable, until they edit their profile info and press save.................... or unless users signup after doing this exercise