Bugs, Bugs, Bugs in my Cloud...

I'm just trying to setup a basic little community on the cloud.  I just want to invite people, or perhaps upload a file, and the buttons just sit there not doing anything.  Tried every browser in existence.  Is this normal everyone?

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    Donna Hello,

    Thank you for posting and sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. Would you please send us a ticket from your client account so we can help troubleshoot with you? It could be something added to your site causing a javascript issue; a browser setting (Firefox and Chrome are very picky lately); or some configuration issue.

    A tip, if you want to see what's happening on your site or on any site, you can right click and choose "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" to see the processes happening. There will be a Console tab and Network tab. Click those to see any errors or issues happening. Sometimes, it can help point you to the exact problem.
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      Brandon Walsh I actually did send a ticket in my client account, but it hasn't been 'assigned'. Is this the only method of support? No live chat, or phone? It actually says that you have a syntax issue when I click on Inspect and click the link for the the upload process, & the other error is something else I don't understand.


      This is a fresh install, on the most common, browser on the planet - and it's a an error with the buttons. Doesn't seem right to me.

      I REALLY wanted this service to work. I have a team of tens of thousands of distributors all over the world, and they ALL need something to use beyond Facebook groups for training and client relationships... thanks.
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        Donna I see what happened. This happens in most ticket systems I've worked in. If you make any update to a ticket, it puts it back at the bottom. I've let someone know of your tickets though. Please note that updating tickets will set it to the bottom of the queue in just about every ticket system I know of.

        Hopefully, one of our technicians will address your tickets. I saw two tickets when I glanced quickly. I don't work the support desk so I cannot answer your issue. I'm sure our agents will be able to though.
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          Brandon Walsh Thanks Donna! Just want to get started and show my groups on Facebook to see if we can start migrating and I can't! :)
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            Donna I've got someone on it for you. :) We're happy to have you here btw. Hope to see more of you. :)

            I think you'll find it much easier to keep your people happy than on Facebook. I've heard a lot of groups are getting removed from there for some reason.
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        Donna Hi Brandon,

        We've not heard of issues for anyone else so I assume this is a fluke that will be handled by our technicians. I'm sorry you are having this issue. I'll go take a quick peek in the support desk to see where your ticket is in line. The ticket system is the only method of support. Tickets are answered in a queue based on first come, first served basis during business hours.

        I'll check and be right back.