Big and Professional Websites that use Social Engine

I was browsing the new marketplace and noticed that there are some showcases in some third party developers profiles.

As I am curious I visited some of these websites and most seems not to be much active or have a professional look, what is a bit ironic because if you are displaying a website in your portfolio is because you believe that is a impressive work.

So I would like to ask if anyone knows a really big website that use Social Engine? I am really curious to see what a well stablished Social Engine website can do.

Note: To my surprise my site is in the portfolio of one of the developers :D
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    PoeticJustice I use my social engine completely different to how others use it.
    Users log on daily, loads concurrent users.

    Its all about staggering functions such as plugins, you need to drip feed to keep members interested.

    Then focus and advertise about being a social network once you have over 250 members.

    I have quiet alot of members, but the site is not really open to anyone.

    But i would not personally showcase, nor do i expect big sites using SE to showcase.
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    Donna I've got some in a list but need to verify if we can post them.I'll see tomorrow.
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      Donna Ok we need to get permission from these as they are big active sites and we can't post without permission. We'll have to see what we can do.
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    Donna There are some sites there and some corporations listed that use SE. Some such as Apple, Nasa, etc are very recognizable.
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      Sieg Yes, I know. I already visited some of these websites but couldnt confirm if they still using SE.