COLLAGE POST -IDEA- To follow the trend of sharing multiple or a combination of links, topics, photos and videos in a single "POST".
Our team is developing our community in a slow but progressing pace to ensure that every important detail is captured and our community/SE Cloud is well developed before we launch our website in Q’4 2013. In fact, on Q'3 2012 we re-assessed our strategy; we decided to stop developing our community with the "SE PHP” platform and we successfully revamped our website development with SE Cloud.
Now, I am pleased to contribute to the SE community with a trendy feature: “COLLAGE”. This new feature will improve the existing standards of SE cloud, is a new trend and will satisfy our immediate need of sharing multiple or a combination of photos, links, videos and topics. Also will provide a contemporary alternative to photo albums and will simplify the process of sharing multiple posts related each other.
Please continue contributing with ideas and with feedback on opportunities for improvement. Together on this global community and in partnership with SE team we will make SE Cloud the best product in the market. If we support each other; we will deliver against our individual goals and will positively impact SE Cloud development to elevate the standards of our social communities with remarkable competitive advantage.

Collage post- Key features and initial thoughts
1. Ability to share multiple or a combination of photos, links, videos and topics.
2. We suggest sharing up to five different items in a single post. This will serve to avoid an infinite amount of items shared in a post and to maintain the integrity of mobile applications.
3. Even though we will share multiple types of posts; the post will only contain one title, one description and one category.
4. Posts will be shared in “4X6 size ratio- (will apply to Photos, Videos, links or topics)” and this ratio will not change independently of the amount of posts shared. This will help to share photos and videos without cropping the images which could create some complexity.
5. The arrangement of the posts or the design of the post could vary depending on amount shared. Please refer to the attached picture.
6. The category will also be visible and will be included with the post (i.e. under the title or the date). Please refer to the picture.
7. Photo of the author will also be visible in the post and preferable in front of the author's name. Please eliminate “by” located in front of the author's name.
8. "Collage" will be added into the "Post something" section and with similar format. Please refer to the picture.
9. If all posts are different, the links will be viewed individually in "Gallery viewer" and maintaining the main title and description.
10. If all posts are the same (i.e. all photos); the photos or videos will be browsed in the "Gallery viewer" as "carousel" to facilitate the navigation.
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    Kimmie [134,Edwin Rivera] . This is definitely something they should be implementing as it's something we want to use for our site as well.
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    Danny I agree that is cool !
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    Jeffuk Yes a cluster of stories, that would be a very good idea.
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    JAG 100% agree.
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    s.ziyad 'definition' of a proper curation function ! you read my mind - please also consider these thought i have share in august.

    now i know what to do with my Claud SE / when will this be available.
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    s.ziyad SEC Team pls comment this/ we love it/ [250,Drew Frey] [37,Alex Benzer] [52,Jung Kim]
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    Alex Benzer OK - cool idea. We do have a "list" feature built in, but it's not clearly implemented in most of the themes - just the Board theme right now. Lists let you put posts you've made into collections ("list"), which seems to overlap quite a bit with what you're suggesting here.
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      Edwin Rivera [37,Alex Benzer] Thanks for your response. Not sure if we are overlapping with the "LISTS" because the approaches and the needs satisfied are different. "COLLAGE" feature requested on this community is more about sharing or posting multiple or a combination of photos, links, videos and topics into a single post. Those items/posts are shared simultaneously and usually could be related each other (i.e. albums or i.e. videos/links/topics related to a movie/interest/theme etc.). Even though we will share multiple types of posts; the post will only contain one title, one description, one category and can be added to a "LIST".

      In other hand; and please correct me if I am wrong; "LISTS" are created by the users so they can organize posts and other members' posts into lists they create. Each list has it's own distinct URL, and can be browsed like a gallery. "LISTS" are about organizing posts. "COLLAGE" post can be added to a "LIST" because is basically a single post with multiple items. However a "LIST" cannot be shared with the overall community because will only exist in the member's profile and is viewed as a folder where you can organize information/posts.

      Please let us know if you have additional questions/comments. Please strongly consider to integrate this "Collage" feature as it will help to improve the way we share posts in our communities in a multidimensional way and it is still simple . Right now we are a bit rigid and limited to a single item (photo/link/topic/video) shared per post. Thanks for your leadership and support! We all truly appreciate it.
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        Alex Benzer Cool - thanks for the feedback.

        We've talked a bit about adding rich media posts, e.g. blog-style long form sharing posts. These could include text formatting, inline images, attachments, etc. Maybe that would satisfy the same need? What do you think?
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          Edwin Rivera [37,Alex Benzer] Rich media posts are also a trend and should satisfy our need as long as we can also share a combination of items (i.e. videos with images or with attachments) within a single post. Also, please maintain a contemporary visualization of the post (i.e. as seen in the attached picture or the lists created in SEC) once it is published in our communities. This application as you described will improve SEC and will elevate its standards with an additional point of differentiation.

          SE team (and SEC) Rock! Now lets see the application into action and make this a reality. Thanks for your continued support! We will continue providing feedback as needed.
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      s.ziyad You are right. @Edwin Rivera The differences are easy to understand; COLLAGE and LISTING. As simple as that.

      [37,Alex Benzer] what we site owners have to do is to cater BETTER POSTS to our site visitors and search engines. COLLAGE does it.

      Look at one blog post of; 'text, photos, links and video. We are asking for an innovation of it.

      Compared to it grouping of already existing posts into LISTS are a second tire service.

      [37,Alex Benzer] we appreciate and value your teams effort but I need to ask you to think like 'you are 1000 site owners' serving 1000 niches for the reason this is a hosted service in which you control most what happens within it.