Update multiselect and multicheck
I raised on github here https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/582
great to here from people on here too.

I think it be really good for SE to add this feature even as an addition, but giving options to make the signup and browse members to look less messy and more slick

BAsically same as multiselect and check, but looks much nicer

and ability to group items , making the group name option not selectable is nicer and makes it easier to find field you ish to select easier

To me this is the new standard, those who use laptops etc have seen websites like this and just select and they are tags, newer users are not neccisary use to having to hold down cntrl and multiselect. and even when they do, if the slip on the cntrl key, they lose them options selected

I made a multi check once but it had 30 choices and instead of minimilizing them side by side, it displayed them vertically, making the list super long.

so i believe these tags are the way forward