4.9 Issue List
I made my first test and I already find my first problem. I will update this topic with the issues that I found.

1- Cant Install Activity Module: From all modules only the activity seems to have a problem. When I try to install it I receive a mysql error saying about a duplicated modified_date column and also a editable column

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    Donna Our team can check this on your site if you would please submit a ticket. We need to see if it's a bug or site issue. If you don't have support, please send an email to support@socialengine.com with site details for our team. Thank you!
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    Donna Thanks for posting.However, this one is posted https://github.com/SocialEngine/phpv4-issues/issues/659 . My own clone site worked fine but I've no third party plugins except the ones I made. Can you also check my questions in that tracker, especially regarding plugins?