Social Engine 4.9 upgrade - How did it go?
Hi all
Just seeing how the 4.9 update went for you all.
Hopefully you didnt do it on your live server, and instead made dev and also staging serviers for testing.

Anyone encountered any issues?

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    Donna I upgraded a clone of my author site. It was 4.8.13 and I had customized a clone theme, have my own plugins on it. The upgrade went fine for me, no errors seen. Only issue I had was that I needed to clear google chrome cache as it is such a pain browser. I had to "Save" the theme again just to be sure everything was fine. Not sure if that's a required step but it's something I do.
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    SocialEngineSolutions The upgrade went well for us also. We have created a whole new server also with PHP 7, SE 4.9.0 and our plugins on it. There are some CSS issues in our plugin on which we are working.
    The upgrade for compatibility of all our plugins will be released soon.
    SocialEngineSolutions Team
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      PoeticJustice [176288,SocialEngineSolutions] are my fave team :D
      Ill wait till my family at Social Engine Solutions say its all good, then ill update my site......

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        gs Yes, SES is quite incredible :) Their SpectroMedia Theme is fantastic.
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        SocialEngineSolutions Thanks [508,PoeticJustice] for your trust and support on us.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hello again, mikel here.
    I just had a thought... is what I mentioned in my last post normal. Question:. Are the SE script files and apps / modules in 4.8.13 going to be replaced by the new 4.9 files, apps / mods and therefore nothing to be concerned about ? and the site will not be affected..
    thanks again, mikel.
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      Donna No, they are not replaced. They are upgraded to have the recent fixes. It's a simple matter to upgrade if you do decide to try on your own. Download, go in admin and click and update. A bit more involved as for the path to where that is but it's not hard. .

      However, your host should be able to do it fine as well.

      The site should not be affected by the upgrade other than to have the cool new features and theme. I would still backup first as there can be snags or server hiccups in any case.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hello all, mikel here..
    I asked TMDH to do the upgrade for me (because since I'm new to SE it looked difficult for a first time upgrade)
    My site has no other apps or modules added, the site is as it was created. so I am unsure of the issue..

    However they sent me a reply:
    tmdh reply :Hello,

    Thank you for your patience up until now.

    We have been monitoring how the new SocialEngine update handles in its' current state and we must inform you that we noticed that a lot of the themes/plugins are incompatible with the new version leading to a lot of websites losing their full functionality. Our suggestion is postponing this update for several days until stable versions for the themes and plugins come out and then we will be more than glad to assist you.

    If you, however, wish to proceed with the update even after this warning, we will be more than glad to assist you. We have generated a back-up of your working website, so we can restore it if something goes wrong during the process. But we can not guarantee that we will be able to complete the process successfully.

    Considering this, notify us in your next reply on your decision.

    We will be looking forward to your response.

    Kind Regards,

    William Kane
    Genius Support Team
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      Eugene [241595,Mikel Coreclark] do you want to upgrade you live website?

      Even if you don't have any other plugins installed it's a wise choice to wait for about a week or two after the initial release. It's not about SocialEngine but about any software unless there are serious issues in the version you are already using. To err is human. There might be stability patches released within a short period after the new releases.

      Good practice is to have a separate sandbox setup where you can run the upgrade first
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        Mikel Coreclark hello Eugene.
        Thanks, ive already upgraded my live site. TMDHosting upgraded for me. Site works great with no notable issues. Thanks for your advice.
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          Donna That's great to hear! Hope you enjoy 4.9. I love banners in it. :) Tutorials for each new feature are in our documentation if needed.
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            Mikel Coreclark hi Donna, I like the idea of banners, ive not figured them out yet, just learning what new toys iv got and how to use them. not to keen on member brows page with the enlarged members listing, prefer them to be smaller like before.
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      PoeticJustice Mikel the best advice i will give, If your site starts taking off and if you monetize making plus $50 a month..... leave TMD Hosting asap and goto FastComet
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        gs Amen. FastComet and their Support are amazing.
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        Mikel Coreclark Thanks Poeticjustice. I don't know fastcomet but will keep them in mind for future research if I decide to change host. mikel.
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      Donna TMD is most likely using a pre-defined response in case clients have third party products installed. I upgraded my live demo site and it works fine. I have only my own plugins on it. Clients with some third party products that are not updated to work in 4.9 are having some CSS issues.

      It's best to check on a development clone of your site in case you have any customizations . It's a good idea to have a backup as well.
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    Donna Upgraded my live demo and it's fine as well. No issues atm. I have it offline as I need to add the customizations back as I'll use the new Insignia theme and clone it.