"List" Options In Cloud Board Theme (Private, Followers, Etc.)
Hi, I would love to see a feature in Cloud Board Theme that would allow users to set privacy settings for who can view individual lists (boards). Such as private, followers, everyone, etc.

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    Donna Hi Dave,

    Interesting feature request.

    Note that the privacy or permissions would be set globally, meaning not for just one specific theme. Noting that, please let us know more:

    Can you elaborate on the "ETC" permissions you want to allow? I mean privacy in regards to permissions.

    How would you want this to work?

    Where would you want the setting to show (example: In the member's settings; on the lists themselves; both places; someplace else)?

    Is there anything else for this that you foresee needing?
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      Dave Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for your reply. The way I envision it, the permissions would be accessed via a gear button on the lists themselves. I think that private, public and followers would be the options. The other possible option would be adding the name of specific users that could view the list. But I don't know if that's necessary.

      For me, the function of list privacy settings would be so users can have some posts that the community at large can view, such as news articles. But, perhaps, statuses or personal photos would only be view-able for followers (If, say, the user had a "Statuses" or "Photos" list created and had the privacy set to "Followers".)

      Thanks for your attention,