Forum photo attachment
Hi, I have just noticed that when I edit a forum post I have a photo attachment below text area, when I attach a photo it seems to work and shows up below the post. My question is why does it not show up on topic creation page or post creation page? Is it some left over code that should be removed from post edit page, or should it be added to topic and post creation page? I just tried it on demo website and it's the same.
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    Donna Can you post a screenshot? In most forums, any script, an attachment is an item that sits below the post. If you want the image to sit inside the post, you would use the embed with tinymce (4.9 has it). If you want something else, please let us know. :)
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      Stepan I can't edit original post or attach screenshot here. But basically you can recreate this by adding a post to the forum and then edit it, on the edit page you have "Attach a New Photo" below tinymce. So I'm confused about the inconsistency, why can you attach a photo on post edit page, but not on post creation page or topic creation page?
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        Donna Have you tried our demo to see if it does the same? We have improved TinyMCE.