Ads Issue solved in 4.9?

I reported a issue some months ago related with the ads plugin that I think that was included in 4.9, but I cant confirm now.

When you create a ads campaign and add different ads inside the system try to display all ads equally, so the total number is the same.

However if you has a ads with a high number of views and add a new, this new ads will be displayed until it has the same number that the older, what is pretty weird.

I remember to have reported this issue before in github, but can find now. Anyone know if this issue continue in 4.9?
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    PoeticJustice Ohhhh this is interesting
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    Donna I can't find the bug report. If you created one, it should be in your profile at Github. I've not tried this yet to test (the ad issue you mention). Having a link to that bug report would be great if you can find it. :)
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      Sieg I cant find. I really remember to had posted in github, but cant find. The discussion started here and someone from the team said that they added this in their bug tracker:
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        Donna I found it in our internal tracker. It is not resolved. I've asked for a status.