SocialEngine PHP 4.9.0 and Third Party Products
The release of new SE version with php 7 support made a lot of website owners want to upgrade asap.

While it's a good idea to still to php7 it's important to run any upgrade procedures on a separate sandbox installation. To make sure live server update will run without any issues. It's important to check if every plugin is php 7 compatible and supports SE 4.9.0

I have a couple of suggestions how to make this process easier for community owners and hope SocialEngine team will support me here.

1. There should be SE version filter at the official Marketplace. All listings have SE version number in them. There will be dozens of plugins not working with newest SE for quite some time, but fully workable with prev. versions. There should be an easy way to differentiate them.

2. Plugin review process should include the version check. Currently some plugins have SE 4.9.9 or 4.x mentioned as version support, which is a false information.

3. Field "VERSION TESTED" should not be a free field but a drop-down to select the latest version plugin was tested with. To make filtering more efficient.

PS. WebHive team is currently working on the release of plugin updates and we will announce when new releases are ready.

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    Donna Sorry I missed responding before. We do already have some of the suggestions on our list from the beginning and have been working to get the marketplace updated. I do check plugins for version numbers before approving (for the ones I approved) and I think the other staff did before I came on board. However, these can be edited after approval. We will have to discuss this internally and see what we can do. We have to allow devs to edit their products so it's not an option to not allow editing.
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      gs RE: Version #'s

      My thinking is that this should be a multi-select, or a range of specific version (from a valid picklist that SE controls, not a text field for input). As Eugene mentioned, some devs (not Webhive - they're great!) will put in future numbers or bogus version#.s In addition, just allowing the most recent compatible version isn't enough info either. For example, stating that a Plugin works with 4.8.10 doesn't mean it is guaranteed (or tested) with 4.8.09 (well, 4.8.9 - sorry, it's hard for me to get used to that format).

      So maybe 2 settings - one each for low/high compatible/tested version but from a picklist that only SE configures selectable version#'s.
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      Eugene [231316,Donna] Thanks for your answer.

      I think it's ok to let 3rd party developers editing the version. Just make sure they don't put 4.x.x or any future version there. I believe it will be developers responsibility to make sure version is compatible (if plugin isn't working with some version people can report it and you take some action). But website owners should at least have an option to search by SE version.

      So basically right now you may email all 3rd party developers to review and update listings data regarding versions. Then you can hide all incorrect listings and possibly roll out some filtering by version number. Just a suggestion.
      Possibly your devs might make that version field a drop-down select, so that 3rd party devs can set/update versions after that.
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    gs Thanks Eugene - great suggestions.

    It's interesting how many 'I know what I'm doing and have been using SE for years and have gazillions of members at my site' ADMINs just dive right in without using a sandbox (at least separate folder) for testing first and/or don't bother checking with their 3rd-Party Devs to be sure their Plugins are ready (I'm waiting for 6 of 7 Devs to update, before I implement testing 4.9). I've read some github issues that are not due to SE, but rather the 'expert ADMIN' not doing what's common/proper/suggested practice. In fact, I'm also waiting to find out what each Dev determines is best - update SE before or after updating the Dev's Plugins.

    As you've mentioned, there should be a drop-down that lists each and every version a Plugin. Just because something was tested and supports 4.8.10 for example, doesn't mean it does for 4.8.09 or 4.8.11. There's a lot that I'm hoping SE does with the Marketplace as far as more info, more complete reviews (especially from those that have purchased/used a Plugin), etc. But I'm sure that will come with time.

    Thanks for the useful post. You're a great Dev (both as a person, Team, and Plugins). Keep up the great work!