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Is there any way of taking away the gifs/images from landing/home page ?

They are covering up: share, comment, delete, and I'm not keen on them anyway.
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    Mikel Coreclark Hello all.
    Problem solved.
    Issue was that one or more of the upgrades did not upgrade 100%.
    So I did a fresh full upgrade of all plugins and the issue has resolved.
    So now I do not have the issue.

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    Mikel Coreclark Thank you Dona.
    I don't have third party additions yet or customisations of the script.
    I will report it. thanks. mikel.
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    Mikel Coreclark I cant get a screenshot at moment. if you click on my thread heading gif/images you be taken to my site landing page. in the centre you will see a line of images separating subjects. also these images are covering other links such as comment, delete, share.
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      Donna That's a bug normally found with css from third party products or customizations. Can you please send a ticket to our support and our team can apply the patch we put in our github issue tracker? I believe you should still have active support but don't recall when you may have purchased.
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    Donna Which gif images do you mean? It's helpful to post a screenshot for us to see when posting questions. I don't know of any gif images other than those that your users can load. If you mean that, you can delete them from the feed.