Redirect to "www" or not ?
Hello, i have noticed that sometimes the website works different if is
or not redirected to use www , for example a plugin can give error or
not working properly if the website is not loading with www.
What is your opinion about redirect, is good to insert in .htaccess the redirect code and use or ?
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    Eugene It's a good practice to set redirect to non-www version (or to www version). Make sure that only one domain version is actively used. There might be multiple problems if you use both version at the same time, for example, if you logged in www domain you won't have the same session in non-www. And if you set Facebook/Linkedin login they wll threat www and non-www as 2 different websites. That mean there might be issues with redirects after the login.
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    Donna Good question. I use a redirect to send all to my non-www url. I have google set up to use the non-www as well.

    However, looking at this article, if I want to future proof my sites, I need to change to www as the non-www can mess up caching and static content on active sites.

    Thanks for posting this topic! It will be interesting to see other feedback.