Where are the Setting from the New Comment and Like System?

I remember that the new feature that improve the comment and like system has setting to enable it. Where these settings are avaliable? I checked the admincp, but couldnt find in what section they are avaliable

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    Donna Hi [862,Sieg] ,

    Our documentation is on our knowledgebase but let me link the tutorial for you :)


    That was updated to show the new settings.
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      Sieg Hello Donna, I could find the setting that I am looking for. I remember that someone said that with 4.9 when someone comment in other user content, a new activity is created and the same happens with like also, but is necessary to enable this option. I looked in the link above and I think that there is no setting to enable this. Is this setting converted into activity type actions?

      I already received several like in my contents in my network but I didnt saw any new activity in the feed.
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        Donna The setting is in the document I provided.

        Under: Action Feed Item

        It gives the example of "Likes" but it is the same for "Comments." It mentions under the example of "Likes" :
        **Note: SocialEngine also allows you to control how comments for an item work with the feed via the above drop down selection and settings described below.

        You control it for each item.